About Me

More than anything, I love helping and empowering small business owners around me.

I first stepped into the world of wedding vendor marketing in 2021, after talking to a close friend of mine whose husband is a wedding DJ. In early 2021 their company was trying to recover financially from the lack of 2020 weddings (thanks, Covid) and manage being double booked for much of 2021 due to postponements. I was one of their brides who had been forced to push their wedding back, and I saw firsthand what both sides of the wedding industry were going through. With four years in marketing and sales under my belt, I decided to take the leap into freelancing, and never looked back.

Est. 2021

I am so fortunate to have learned and grown so much since starting this company. I have connected with some of the most amazing wedding vendors in the DMV and across the country. Each client experience is truly unique and I love that I have the ability to adapt to my client’s needs. Whether you are someone who wants to be really hands-on or someone who wants just the occasional check-in, I’m here to support you in whatever way feels best.

As a business owner myself, I understand that your brand is your baby. For most clients, I’m the first person they’ve ever hired to come on board and assist them, and I know that can be scary! My main goal with my clients is always to prioritize open communication, so we’re on the same page and you’re getting exactly what you need out of my services.

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